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World's Finest Album

by Daniel Coulanges

Described as "One of the World's Finest guitarist" the late Daniel Coulanges's timeless classical guitar music with a global, upscale, and exquisite sound below is a streaming sample you may enjoy

Even though Amos and Daniel Coulanges were cut from the same cloth, Daniels’ distinct classical guitar style and sound, takes you on a global trek. In Daniels' musical masterpieces you will find yourself immersed in France, South America or in an intimate cafe in San Francisco, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Pétion-Ville, Port- au-Prince, London, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and so many places around the world.

Executive Producer: Yanatha Desouvre (Daniel Coulanges's nephew/godson)

Executive Producer: Joe Natoli

Associate Producer: Steiman Desouvre

Mixed and Mastered by: Milher Demesmin of Dream Machine Recording & Co