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World's Finest Album

by Daniel Coulanges

Described as "One of the World's Finest guitarist" the late Daniel Coulanges's timeless classical guitar music with a global, upscale, and exquisite sound that is now available for you to enjoy.

Even though Amos and Daniel Coulanges were cut from the same cloth, Daniels’ distinct classical guitar style and sound, takes you on a global trek. In Daniels' musical masterpieces you will find yourself immersed in France, South America or in an intimate cafe in San Francisco, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Pétion-Ville, Port- au-Prince, London, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and so many places around the world.

Executive Producer: Yanatha Desouvre (Daniel Coulanges's nephew/godson)

Executive Producer: Joe Natoli

Associate Producer: Steiman Desouvre

Mixed and Mastered by: Milher Demesmin of Dream Machine Recording & Co

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