"We fail in this life when we fail to uplift one another"
Yanatha Desouvre

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Man of many hats, many talents

As an Enterprise Resource Planning IT trainer at the U, Yanatha Desouvre dedicates his time to creating content, studying it, and facilitating training sessions for faculty and staff throughout the University. His path in IT began as a hobby, born out of a need to figure out how to fix a constantly crashing computer game as a child.


WORLDS’ FINEST - Live in New York


the late Haitian Classical Guitarist


A posthumous album 30 years in the making with a profound message of hope and Love

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(Preview of the album cover and tracklist)

ON SALE: April 16th, 2019

(PRE-SALE April 1st 2019)

There is still no cure for HIV #KnowYourStatus

If my late godfather Daniel Coulanges knew his status he might have been alive today.
Experience the Daniel Coulanges story.
Change your life #KnowYourStatus

Desouvre is on a mission to remind world of late uncle’s talent for guitar playing

"Besides his literary endeavors, the author is also working on a personal project—that of bringing the work of the late guitarist Daniel Coulanges to a wider audience"

Desouvre Hopes to Raise HIV Awareness With Album of Lost Footage From His Late Uncle

Yanatha Desouvre - Godfather's Music

Yanatha Desouvre has a passion for music and more Yanatha tells a story about a recent find and the hopes to resurrect a forgotten talent Listen to Yanatha tell a story about a recent find and the hopes to resurrect a forgotten talent recently featured in WLRN @NPR Affiliate #DanielCoulanges #ThePublicStoryTeller #WLRN reserve your copy of the limited album and much more today


The Daniel Coulanges story featured on WBEC-TV

From Mourning to Motivation: Music For a Movement

 Miami, Florida – With an album of lost footage from his uncle, Desouvre encourages people to live their lives to the fullest moment. The Daniel Coulanges story was featured on WBEC-TV 63/Cable 19. Desouvre hopes to bring to life the music his late uncle Daniel Coulanges. Kendall resident Yanatha Desouvre shares a heartwarming and remarkable story (featured in the Miami Herald, Miami New Times and WLRN’s The Public Story Teller an NPR affiliate) on www.yanatha.com about one of the world’s finest guitarists, Daniel Coulanges. In 1989, two years before Magic Johnson announced he was HIV positive, Coulanges lost his life to AIDS; he was a mere 28 years old. Although his life ended far too soon, his legacy will last forever. Desouvre is using Coulanges music to raise awareness about HIV, encouraging everyone to know their own HIV status. This is important everywhere, but especially in Miami-Dade County, which Care Sources indicates is the number one county in Florida for new cases of HIV. 

Reserve you copy of the World's Finest Daniel Coulanges Live in New York classical guitar album and much more below


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Bring to life this rare music and concert, one of

"The World's Finest Guitarist"

Daniel Coulanges Live in New York

(Gone Too Soon)

Source: WBEC- TV Becon TV

New Haitian Generation - Yanatha Desouvre has a heartwarming and remarkable story about one of the world’s finest guitarists Daniel Coulanges.  Yanatha is using Daniel Coulanges music to raise awareness about HIV, encouraging everyone to know his or her own HIV status. 

Featured in the Miami Herald, Miami New Times, Kreyolicious, NPR Affiliate WLRN and Black Enterprise








Revelations: Roads to Redemption NOW LAUNCHED

1978 Signature Collector's Edition

Yanatha Desouvre wants Wyclef to perform on 'The Daily Show' Miami taping in October

Source: Miami Times Online Local author feels connected to Wyclef Jean Yanatha Desouvre wants musician to perform on 'The Daily Show' Miami taping in

Yanatha Desouvre: Savor the Moments: Inspired By True Stories

Speaker and Best Selling Author

Desouvre, is a best selling author, marketing professor, performance poet and a recent TEDx motivational speaker who will immediately capture your audience’s heart and mind while positively impacting their lives.  His determined, distinctive yet very simple approach on life will resonate with the audience long after his program has ended.

Top 3 reasons to book Yanatha Desouvre: 

  • The immediate positive impact of his powerful performance poetry

  • You want to listen to his actionable and effective steps of leadership

  • He’s an engaging figure who wide range of audience types loves to hear from.

Desouvre has a list of credentials in the Spoken Word and Literally community and he is humbled by every opportunity that he has been given to share his work and inspire others. Desouvre is a seasoned IT professional who has successfully incorporated his IT expertise into his creative work. As a season spoken word poet, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and as a best selling published author, it will be an honor for Desouvre to share his experiences and simple ways to your group on how to empower themselves to reach their full potential. 

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Seasoned Information Technology Professional

For twenty plus progressive years Desouvre is passionate about serving others through technology and the arts. Desouvre supports multiple platform environments, Mac, Win, iOS, Android throughout his technical career. Desouvre is well versed on how iOS devices work for Education and Business. Desouvre had created several successful mobile apps. He has been mentored by and has mentored some of the best in the IT and entertainment industries. 

Yanatha Desouvre, a prolific author, was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, reared in Brooklyn, N.Y., and Philadelphia, P.A. Desouvre is a seasoned IT professional. With his practical, and relevant teaching philosophy Professor Desouvre has taught IT courses at Chestnut Hill College which led to him write the textbook, An Essential Guide to Windows 10. He also teaches Principles of Marketing and Marketing in a Digital World at Miami Dade College. Other books written Desouvre are: “Walk Through this Journey: Volume One and Two (The Next Step Forward);” “A Family Affair;” Savor the Moments, Proud to Be, To Whom Much is Given, Revelations: Roads to Redemption and his number one best-selling children's book “Big Sister, Little Sister, (also available in French, Spanish and Haitian Creole)” now on amazon.com. Professor Desouvre released the “Walk Through this Journey: Volume One” and Savor the Moments audiobooks, available through iTunes, Google Play, and various other online musical outlets.

Specializes in Higher Education, HDI Certified, Dell Desktop & Laptop Certified, Developed for Google's Android and Apple's iOS Expert on the macOS (10.x-10.11.x) and MS Windows 7,8, and Windows 10, Ubuntu Linux, Group Policies Voice/Data Networking, Backup devices, Adobe and Office Suites, Exchange Symantec Ghost. Help Desk Supervision, MS Active Directory, BlackBoard SCCM and ITIL.

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