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Backdoor Entertainment developing short film: The Sweetest Girl: A Forbidden Love Story

 based on Yanatha Desouvre’s novel “Revelation Roads to Redemption”

Miami, FL - Nationally syndicated filmmaker of, A Great Day in Harlem, Harry Jeudy (Writer, Producer) has joined forces with number one Amazon best-selling author Yanatha Desouvre in developing the short film: The Sweetest Girl: A Forbidden Love Story. Backdoor Entertainment., along with R.D.J.A Media has issued a script to development for the project, Yanatha Desouvre and Harry Jeudy are in place to write and produce.

Short Synopsis: A loving marriage of 25 years comes to a deadly end, when a husband is compelled to tell his wife, on her death bed, a heart shattering secret”

Using familiar characters from the novel, The Sweetest Girl, A Forbidden Love Story, will explore the characters unique emotional journeys. The storylines of interwoven complex characters will navigate through larger themes of human connection, guilt, redemption, love and hope. Inspired by timeless proverbs from Haiti, The Sweetest Girl: A Forbidden Love Story takes us through high emotional scenarios, fierce, and captivating – all the while paying homage to some of the (un)recognized Haitian figures who have guided the author’s own journey. The late Daniel Coulanges, introduced as, “One of the world’s finest guitarist,” will deliver the moving score for the short film, while the renowned Pop/R&B singer songwriter Ley Joans voice provides the soundtrack. For acting or partnership (producing, product placement) opportunities contact Yanatha Desouvre and at Harry Jeudy at

Harry J.  Jeudy born in Brooklyn, New York. His parents were Haitian Immigrants. Jeudy is a prolific screenwriter. Jeudy has over a decade experience in poetic, English, African, and African American literature. Jeudy is currently a Project Manager for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  He is the Founder and Principle owner of Backdoor Entertainment LLC. Jeudy earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Penn State University minored in Structural Engineering.

Ley Joans is a renowned Haitian-American artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ley’s passion for music began at the early age of 5, singing at church. Her distinctive sound is a compilation of Pop/R&B. Ley writes and arranges her music. Some of her musical inspiration comes from artist such as, Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, and Janet Jackson, just to name a few. In 2012 Ley Joans released her debut EP titled “I Wanna Dance,” which gained recognition from Grammy Award Winning artist Wyclef Jean. Ley Joans is set to be the next Pop/R&B superstar coming out the City of Brotherly Love. Her new single and EP titled “No Games” is scheduled to be released in September 2019. 

Yanatha Desouvre is a number one best-selling author, educator and public speaker born in Port-au-Prince and raised in Brooklyn and Philadelphia. His latest novella Revelations: Roads to Redemption (2018), pays homage to Wyclef Jean’s discography and honors timeless Haitian proverbs.  He’s a Marketing and Information Technology coach and consultant who has taught at Miami Dade College and Chestnut Hill College. His literary works can be found on Desouvre is also the Executive Producer of the World’s Finest posthumous album that honored his late uncle/godfather, world classical guitarist Daniel Coulanges. Desouvre has been featured in The New York Daily News, Miami Herald, Miami New Times, Haitian Times, Sentinel HT, HuffPost, Black Enterprise, South Florida PBS, NBC, ABC

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