Perseverance and Strength

Perseverance |ˌpərsəˈvi(ə)rəns| noun

steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success:


"I was taught to strive not because there were any guarantees of success, but because the act of striving is in itself the only way to keep faith with life."
-- Madeleine Albright, secretary of state ‪#‎mondaymotivation‬


October is National Breast Cancer awareness month. My beautiful aunt  Esther is a breast cancer survivor. Her amazing strength and perseverance inspires me everyday.

Surviving a life threatening disease is no easy task. Many don't make it and my thoughts and prayers are with those family members who have lost and may lose family members in such a difficult way.

So when it comes to living day to day in corporate america and dealing with the everyday "crisis" and "challenges." I ask that you take a step back and read the quote above from Madeline Albright and learn to persevere like my aunt and millions of women have done and continue to do when facing this dreaded disease.

Then you may develop the strength of millions when it comes to:

1. Seeing that 25th job interview as the interview that is helping you improve your job interviewing skills.

2. Not getting the promotion as a sign to improve your skills or as a call to start your own business.

3. Getting your book manuscript getting rejected for the 300th time and deciding to independently publishing your work yourself.

4. Having to take one more class to get that Bachelors Degree


Below is a poem I wrote for my aunt. I wish you all the very best no matter where you are in life to persevere, strive in the midst of your every day challenges and watch you thrive.



Strength of Millions


Once I heard the news, my soul felt so weak.

My heart became so numb that there were no words for me to speak.

However, Your undeniable faith and strength of millions kept your soul free.

Free of the stress because in your life you know you are forever blessed.

I asked myself, “How could this be? “

Your somber news put a chokehold on my energy.

Your strength kept you going during and after the surgery.


It is said, “No Weapons Formed Against Me Shall Prosper,” and you are child of God, a strong Woman of honor.

While the process is pain, the product is power.

I am amazed by your strength of millions as you recover.


Your uplifting spirit in all tough situations

is a seed you planted in me for daily inspiration and motivation.

7/2/06 12:27 pm

© Copyright 2006 by Yanatha.

All Rights Reserved


"Strength of Millions" and many other poems of perseverance and strength can be found in A Family Affair: Inspirational Short Stories about Family and Faith and other books that I've been fortunate to write and publish.


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