Merging my passion to serve through technology and the arts...

Merging my passion to serve through technology and the arts, I am now on the final stages of releasing my newest book, An Essential Guide to Windows 10. Early feedback is coming in from the beta readers saying:

  • "An Essential Guide to Windows 10 is aptly named as it served to help me gain total comfort with Microsoft's newest operating system." Rebecca Andre' Ph.D., Educational Technologies Director
  • "The guide provides detail information on all the major features both new and improved." M. Cynthia Compere Systems Analyst

Look for it in the coming weeks on 

Yanatha Desouvre, an author, poet, speaker, experienced Information Technology professional, has been passionate about serving others through technology and the arts for over 18 years. In his leadership role at the University of Pennsylvania, Desouvre manages an award winning team known not only for their technical abilities but also for their professional demeanor. He’s also an Adjunct Professor where he instructs the basic fundamentals of the three major operating systems Microsoft Windows, OS X and Ubuntu Linux as well as an Introduction to Computing hardware course.