Father and Daughter Chronicle the Adventures of Unconditional Love


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 6 year old writes “Big Sister, Little Sister” with her Father

Father and Daughter Chronicle the Adventures of Unconditional Love


PHILADELPHIA, PA. – With just a few words, six year old authoress Reanna Desouvre and her father Yanatha Desouvre express the deep love that is felt between sisters in her first book titled, Big Sister, Little Sister, which has recently reached number # 1 on Amazon’s Hot New Release list and siblings category. Big Sister, Little Sister is a “cute and relatable story” as Liz, an Amazon.com reviewer described. From the opening lines, “Big Sister, Little Sister finally together,” to the very last page, “Big Sisters, Little Sisters best friends for life,” this amazing adventure in the universal story of the enduring love between sisters is captured for all to enjoy.

Reanna and her father Yanatha have captured the wonderful times Reanna has had with her little sister by writing this book together. Big Sister, Little Sister chronicles the first day Reanna became a big sister and all the days beyond that over the year and a half it is written for all ages to enjoy. Big Sister, Little Sister became the sweet bedtime story that Reanna often read to her little sister. As a parent, you can read Big Sister, Little Sister to your children. Watch the adventures come to life page by page and feel the warmth and joy in this real life story of unconditional love.

 “Big Sister, Little Sister” is Yanatha and Reanna’s first children’s book. Big Sister, Little Sister is available now on Createspace, an Amazon.com company, Kindles, an interactive iBooks version for the iPad and many others. Look for the Spanish and French translations of Big Sister, Little Sister as well. Yanatha Desouvre has written seven books and published three books of inspirational short stories and poetry entitled, "Walk Through this Journey: Volume One,  “"Walk Through this Journey: Volume Two (The Next Step Forward), andA Family Affair, available now at www.amazon.com.

Yanatha Desouvre, a seasoned IT professional, was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., and Philadelphia, P.A. He resides with his wife and two beautiful children in Philadelphia, P.A. He is currently pursuing his Ed.D in higher education at the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. He received his MBA in Marketing and Mass Communication and Media Management at Lynn University in June 2010, and a Bachelor’s Degree in MIS and Marketing at Drexel University in 2001. In addition to his constant writing and continued studies, Desouvre has created several successful mobile apps for iOS devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touches and Android devices, including: “Pre-K Math,” “Proud to be Haitian,” “Proud to be Jewish,” “Kids Eat Free HD,” “Pocket Poetry,” “i Love My Dog. ” Proud Jamaican

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