57th Grammy Awards Entry Process Journey Blog # 2

Hello everybody,

And the nominees are... recently I entered Savor the Moments  for the GRAMMY award ballot process.  To not violate my member with The Recording Academy - Philadelphia Chapter I can't tell you what those categories are however with Savor the Moments, I've been fortunate to use the art of spoken word, in an urban setting, during this new age, making it a great alternative album this year to listen to. I've had the best engineer and producer who worked on the album.  Kindly comment  below on what categories you hope to see Savor the Moments in

Guess which category would Savor the Moments fit best for the Grammy balloting process. If you haven't heard the album yet do so here www.cdbaby.com/yanathadesouvre2

The categories are no longer posted because I just realized it is a violation of my membership read the Note* below. However this does not stop you from guessing or commenting on which category you would like to see Savor the Moments be nominated in. 

Go to http://www.grammy.com/nominees to see the categories and winners from the 56th Grammy Awards.

Sharing this link www.cdbaby.com/yanathadesouvre2 with your friends and family download the album, view the trailer on youtube here let make the message of hope that Savor the Moments brings viral.

Looking forward to your comments



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