To Whom Much is Given: Making a difference with the gifts we’ve been given

     To Whom Much is Given: Making a difference with the gifts we’ve been given

     We all have something unique about us. We have all been given a gift or have something that we are passionate about. The question is, how are we using them to serve others.? Meet Yanatha Desouvre, a few years ago his former employer were upgrading their computers and was going to throw away or recycle the parts of the older ones. Yanatha, an IT Support Service Technician, knew that there was there was something they can do with the computers that organization no longer needed.  He began working with Dr. Florence Bellande Robertson, the founder and Board of Directors member of Foundation Hope for Haiti, Inc. in South Florida, which mission is to support the essential humanitarian programs improve the lives of Haitians. Over the years Foundation Hope for Haiti has improved healthcare, strengthened schools and nurtured communities in Haiti.

     Because of the 2010 devastating earthquake, the technology the Foundation had provided their facilities in Haiti had been damaged. Yanatha, using his knowledge of computers, stayed after work for a few days setting up twelve to fifteen computers to replace the damaged ones that were supplied by the Foundation to enhance the education of the students that were using the previous ones. Once the computers were set up, Dr. Florence Robertson facilitated a way to get the computer to schools that needed them. Recently Yanatha Desouvre spoke to Dr. Florence and asked her what type of impact did the computers have at the School? Dr. Florence said, paraphrasing, “A tremendous one, in the midst of challenging time the country of Haiti continues to face, the computers helped reestablish the computer lab in Saint-Marc, Haiti. The students’ education has enhanced greatly allowing them to compete with their private school counterparts in Haiti.”

     Yanatha feels he's been given another gift outside of his passion for technology and that is writing. Inspired by a desire to provide his students with a relevant and practical learning experience, professor and I.T. professional Yanatha Desouvre provides a clear, comprehensive approach to instructing both technical and non-technical Windows 10 users in his new book, An Essential Guide to Windows 10. However, what is unique about this textbook is that not only does his students get a free eBook version for class, but the paperback sales through Amazon smile donates 5% of the paperback sales price of “An Essential Guide to Windows 10” goes to Foundation Hope for Haiti, Inc. Combining the talents, he feels he has been given to write and understand how computer technology works, Yanatha feels required he must to use his gifts that to serve others and encourages us all to do the same.

     If you have upgraded to Windows 10 or planning to do so, purchase “An Essentials Guide to Windows 10” through amazon smile. Not only will you get a what some have said is, “An easy to understand guide”, you will also support and be a part of something great that is happening in Haiti by helping support Foundation Hope for Haiti mission in improving healthcare, strengthening schools and nurturing communities in Haiti.


Below is the direct link to get your copy today: 10/dp/1512230987/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1441743209&sr=1-1


Foundation Hope for Haiti, is the American fundraising organization that supports essential humanitarian programs to improve the lives of Haitians.  Foundation Hope for Haiti was established by Dr. Jon Robertson, Dr. Florence Bellande Robertson and Kay Kintaudi, MD.  From the start, we have partnered with local and international organizations working to promote better health and education among marginalized communities.  Over the years their work has improved healthcare, strengthened schools and nurtured communities in Haiti.  Donate directly to Foundation Hope for Haiti Here


Yanatha Desouvre is an author, poet, speaker, an experienced Information Technology professional currently at the University of Pennsylvania and an adjunct professor at Chestnut Hill College. He has been passionate about serving others through technology and through the arts for almost two decades. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Desouvre grew up in Brooklyn, New York and Philadelphia, Pa. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration concentrating on Management Information Systems and Marketing at Drexel University. He received his M.B.A concentrating on Marketing and Mass Communication and Media Management at Lynn University. Desouvre has written eight books: Walk Through this Journey: Volumes One and Two (The Next Step Forward); A Family Affair; La Hermana mayor; La Hermana menor; Grande soeur; Petite soeur and Savor the Moments: Inspired by True Stories. He co-wrote the # 1 best-selling children’s book Big Sister, Little Sister and has created mobile apps for iOS devices and Android devices: “Pre-K Math,” “Proud to be Haitian,” “Proud to be Jewish,” “Kids Eat Free HD,” “Pocket Poetry,” “i Love My Dog,” and “Proud Jamaican.” Desouvre is currently working on his debut novel "To Whom Much is Given" (expected publishing date April 16, 2016).


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