Father writes book with unlikely author By Bobbi Booker The Philadelphia Tribune

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Yanatha Desouvre is a bestselling author whose first name is Hebrew for “Moses” and his last, French for “river.” As the middle child of five, Desouvre grew up in Brooklyn and Philadelphia and learned early on the value of education. Today, he is a father of two daughters, and is expecting a third child this summer. His wife and him have decided to now know their latest child’s gender until birth.

It was the birth of the couple’s second daughter — and the hundreds of pictures they took — that spurred the idea of a children’s book written from an older sibling’s perspective. With just a few words, four-and-a-half-year-old authoress Reanna Desouvre expressed the deep love that is felt between sisters in her first book entitled, “Big Sister, Little Sister” (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, $9.99).

Live your life to the fullest with Desouvre’s Savor the Moments

PHILADELPHIA, PA. – We all face obstacles everyday. How do these challenges affect our lives? Grayson Goodman, a traveling businessman encounters individuals dealing with challenging situations that are no different than our own. Poet and best selling author Yanatha Desouvre address these questions in his latest book “Savor the Moments: Inspired by True Stories” a collection of 11 thought provoking short stories that encourages us all to be the best that we can be through the global voyages of Grayson Goodman.  Savor the Moments is now available as e-book on Amazon.com and audiobook on iTunes.